Strada Filioli, 33 - 70122 Bari339 / 3246625 or 329 / 5643765

Who we are

chi-siamoDeep in the old town of Bari, Bari Vecchia, you will find our nice little B&B, a friendly and relaxing place that is rich in both history and culture and also ideal for that unforgettable holiday.The name B&B Meraviglia takes itself from the nearby Arco Meraviglia, situated a stone’s throw from from our hotel. The Arco, an arch, gets its name from and old Bari family called Meraviglia who originally came from to the city from Milan. Accessed from Via Filioli, Zonnelli, San Gaetano and Vico del Lauro, the arch served to link the ancient houses of the Meraviglia family however, according to legend, it was built in just one night so as to create a “marvel”, that is a “meraviglia”, the next morning!

The old town of Bari is within an ancient fortified peninsula and we are right in its cultural heart! This is where you may admire the characteristic medieval, ancient, Byzantine and Norman architecture as well as the wonderful buildings in Romanesque style such as the famous Basilica of Saint Nicholas or San Nicola.

Nestling amongst the stunning monuments of Bari Vecchia, on one side you can find the new port and on the other the ancient, our B&B will really pamper you during your stay in order to guarantee you a peaceful and relaxing break.